Who Should Take Human Growth Hormone?

HGH i.e. human growth hormone refers to a naturally occurring substance present in human bodies. Recently, this hormone has gained in popularity as a way to lower body fat, reserve the aging process and build muscle. The properties of this hormone have not yet been well studied and thus there are very many risks and side effects associated with the use of human growth hormone without a medical requirement. HGH is recently available as an injection and thus should be used only after a person has followed the doctor’s advice. 
How is HGH Produced?
HGH is usually produced by pituitary gland so that it can stimulate growth in childhood. This hormone often assists to promote health of a person throughout his or her life, but its production starts dwindling in middle age. Most individuals usually believe that supplementing the body’s production of growth hormones during middle age can slow or reverse the aging process. 
Who Should Take Human Growth Hormone and Why is it Important?
People with a deficiency of this hormone which is not caused by normal aging are normally fit to consume it. Also, injections of this hormone can help individuals who’re experiencing muscle wasting as a result of HIV/AIDS. Some of the benefits that people fit for this hormone experience include; increased stamina and bone density as well as increase in muscle mass. Note that the long- term results for people without a medical requirement are often known. 
In our current heath market, synthetic HGHs are mostly used in kid’s medicine. It's currently used to combat the various ailments that cause kidney failure in kids, and also to fight fight Turner’s syndrome and Prader- Willi syndrome. The hormone has been approved for use in men whose pituitary glands aren't producing enough of natural HGH. Other people who can use this hormone are those who are in need of stabilizing their mood. 
How HGH Works
Natural HGH works by enhancing the reproduction and growth of cells in a person’s body. The hormone often stimulates the muscles to grow, growth of internal organs and even the bones to strengthen. Synthetic HGH is usually a prescription injection which is short directly into a person's muscle. Generally, the synthetic medication usually mimic actions of this hormone by stimulating the cells of the body to grow as well as reproduce.

Other people usually purchase HGH because they believe it can increase their body’s production of HGH i.e. in form of sprays and pills. Firms marketing human growth hormone on television commercials believe that the product can turn a person’s biological clock. This is because they believe the product can build muscles, reduce body fat, restore color as well as hair growth, normalize blood sugar, strengthen the immune system, improve sex as well as increase sex. However, the effectiveness can only be experience if you’re seek the doctor’s advice. 
Last but not the least; as you’ve seen, this hormone carries along both merits and demerits. Despite having demerits, the merits outweigh them. It’s therefore advisable that before you resort to using HGH you ensure that you seek the advice of a qualified doctor so that you can be guided appropriately. Thank you. 

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